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About Us

PCO LUMEX founded in the early 1990's, established a vision and mission statement to supply high quality products to local markets, while building a friendly relationship with customers, vendors, and suppliers.

Since our inception, we have committed ourselves to reinvested profits back into our company improving technology to state of the art equipment, which has proved beneficial to our rapid growth.

We support and respect our employees, who are the backbone of PCO LUMEX. In appreciation to their commitment, professional skills, and continuous training, we encourage our employees to accept challenges and opportunities in order to strengthen our position within our local market.

Each passing month PCO LUMEX is committed to the demands requested by our customers enabling us to expand our product range by introducing new and more comprehensive lines.

With the assistance of our graphic artist, we can customize many of our products with your company logo for marketing purposes and improved revenue sales.

Our line of disposable, recyclable, carrier, and paper shopping bags come in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses, and can be ordered plain or customize with your company or corporate logo.

We offer a wide variety of packaging, storage, food containers, wrapping papers and items for use in the catering industry.

In 2003 we introduced a broad selection of no core rolls for POS printers, adhesive tapes, and printing components as well as hygienic and chemical cleaners like washing powders, disinfectants, and wash-up liquids.

A wide range of films are also available, which include LMF, PVC, PE, Thermal-shrinkable, Poliolefines and Stretch Wrap.

Please take a moment to view the tab “Our Offer” for a complete list of other items PCO LUMEX has to offer you!

Our employees are dedicated and eager to serve your needs and any questions you may have regarding our products. By clicking on the tab “Contact Us”, you can obtain our telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, and inquiry form

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